Top 15 Travel Tips


If you are considering making Kwazulu Natal as your holiday destination you are definitely making the right choice. Kwazulu Natal is one of South Africa’s most diverse as well as most popular travel destinations. Kwazulu Natal offers holidays makers blissful sub-tropical weather all year round. With hot summers and mild winters, in short you receive about 300 days of glorious sunshine.

The Indian Ocean enhances the aura of Kwa-Zulu Natal, the ocean temperature ranges for about 21 degrees throughout the year. This makes adaptable water conditions for those ‘water babies’ who love surfing, sailing, snorkelling, swimming or just splashing in the water. Kwa-Zulu Natal and Ballito accommodation (which is situated to the north of KZN), has so much to offer, but with despite all the luxury and beauty that this beautiful place has to offer one should also take much precaution when on holiday.

Here are Our Top 15 Holiday Tips:

■ Always book your holidays in advance to avoid disappointment.
■ Read these Flying tips to avoid jet lag
■ Get to know the local people.
■ Be respectful of people and the area.
■ Always be respectful for our environment.

■ With recent shortages of water try to use water sparingly.
■ And with the electricity supply issues try to switch off lights and air-conditioning when you go out.
■ Water is safe to drink but its best keep a bottle and refill it instead of buying water.
■ Try to understand and always ask question as you will be amazed at how many things you can do if you just ask.
■ Try not to be too cautious but always trust your instinct, as if you are to weary and cautions you tend to not enjoy your holiday experience.
■ If you suddenly change your mind once you arrive to your holiday spot and you decide it’s not the place you want to stay, it’s is okay to choose something new. The point of going on holiday is for your peace of mind so make sure you always happy with your choice.
■ Some people enjoy always being on the go and like to rapid travel, yet this is fun but it’s not maintainable especially on long trips.
■ Plan some downtime try to sleep in and simply observe life. As this will revitalize you and helps you to meet new people and make some connections.
■ Make sure that you always carry cash on you as this will help you in those times when the card facilities don’t work
We all are dependent on our smart technology, we store everything on out phones, laptops, ect. But remember that these fancy gadgets can’t be trusted so carry hard copies of your flight itineraries, passport photos, and maps can be your saving grace, so print them ahead of time and bring them with you.
■ Always travel the way you want don’t be forced into any situation, REMEMBER to relax as life is a journey and you need to make the best of it especially on holiday

Added advice for those pet lovers:

The picture below has tons of advise that you can use if you’re a pet lover and you just can’t bare the thought of leaving your pet alone at home! Just remember if you do take them with you, make sure you don’t lose your cat while being on holiday. They can be sneaky as hell, cats love to wonder off on their own! Believe me, I know from first hand experience.