Hair Trends for Fall and Winter 2016 – 2017 Beauty Runway Looks

Everywhere we look we see the leaves on the ground, the cold brisk air hitting us in the face and the jackets and coats coming out of storage. We know what this means. Fall is upon us yet again and along with the runway looks for shoes, accessories and clothing, as always beauty and hair takes a front seat to complete the look. So, what looks are in…what’s out and just how do we attain these looks? Allow me to walk you down the runway of the new Fall 2016 looks for hair.

Fall 2016 Straight Hair

Out with the summer frizz and the tousled look- revisit fall with the sleek and shiny look of super straight locks. You can get this look easily by using the right combo of products and tips on perfect flat ironing for that effortless look. Start by washing and conditioning the hair (using the right formula according to your hair type) and use a straightening balm if your hair is extra curly or very thick.

This will help to ease the curl out of the hair. Blow the hair as straight as possible before beginning. Using a paddle brush will get those locks straighter than usual and will make the flat iron process that much easier. Make sure the hair is completely dry and then section off your hair with clips. Start with the bottom layers of your hair, not the top and use smooth strokes to completely get each section. Make sure not to hold the flat iron too hard; doing so will result in waving and crimping instead of that super sexy straight look you’re seeking. Repeat with each section and use a small dime sized amount of smoothing anti frizz serum to finish off the look.

 Runway Over-the-shoulder Braid Look

Especially for longer hair, this classic look is easy and sexy while looking effortless. There are two key braids for this season; the Rapunzel braid and the fish braid. There are so many ways to wear this look; sleek and sexy, tousled and with a hint of your fringed layers in front, or a simple blown dry bang for an down home school girl look. Very sexy and becoming on just about everyone and this style works for any and every hair color and face shape.

’40s and ’50s inspired waves

This look is so Marilyn Monroe- hair over the eye, red lipstick cocktail gown style. Make sure to wear this style with an off center, to the side part. This style is easily achieved using heated curlers or a curling iron to make loose, spiral like waves. Make the side part first before you begin curling.

Once the curls are there, hold the roots and finger comb the bottoms to loosen the curl into a soft wave. Then, using a large paddle brush, begin in each section (front first) to brush the hair from root to tip. Once you get to the ends, use the brush and your fingers to flip the hair up into a large, simple loose wave. Again, you can use your fingers to grasp the hair in large sections and smooth any remaining curl out so that the wave falls naturally off to the side.

You can use a pin to pin back one side and accentuate the larger portion of hair that will fall over the eye. The look you will achieve will be amazingly soft, smooth and very on point for this season’s trend.

The Runway Slick Look

Again, a side part being the focus this style will fall in a great way to one side, slicked down really hard and with a very wet look to it. The great thing about this style is that it works for really short hair, all the way to really long hair. Using a heavy holding gel, style the hair while still wet by parting to the side and slicking down. You can blow dry for a straighter outcome, or maintain the wave. It works either way. Also, use a smoothing pomade (just a dab) to maintain the shine and the “wet, slick” look.

Enjoy playing around with these different styles to see what works for you and the looks that you’re trying to attain!! Remember to partner your make up accordingly- the slick look can use bold eyes and a pouty lightly lip stained face, while the 50’s waves look absolutely breathtaking with a thin black liner, light blush and a ravishingly red lipstick! Have fun with it.