Hair Today, Shoes Tomorrow: Justin Bieber Shoes Auctioned Off

Justin Bieber’s taking advantage of his celebrity in a good way: he’s becoming a one-man charity machine by donating items to be auctioned off for good causes. The latest? On March 4 2014 a story out of Stratford, Ont., from his high school, reports they are auctioning off Bieber shoes.

But unless you can somehow persuade the good folks at Stratford Northwestern Secondary School, where Bieber was just another student a couple of years ago, albeit one who could sing, play multiple musical instruments and write catchy pop songs, to let them buy both, the shoes are being sold in the single. The money will go to help fund a school project.

Bieber Shoes on eBay for Charity

One shoe is already up on eBay, the Toronto Sun daily paper has said, and it has a bid of $650.00; it went on sale Monday, the day before Bieber’s 17th birthday. It’s the right shoe currently on sale while the the left shoe they have plans to put up for sale at a date not yet disclosed. The shoes are from a pair of worn purple – naturally – Nikes and both shoes are autographed.

Bieber recently passed around locks of his hair after getting his haircut, donating them to various groups to sell for charity. He gave a lock to Ellen Dengeneres during an appearance on The ‘Ellen DeGeneres Show’, and that lock of Beiber hair fetched more than $40,000 for an animal rights charity. A suit he wore for a TV commercial that played during the Superbowl, one he did with Ozzy Osbourne, was sold for almost six grand for a good cause.

 My Charity: Water and Pencils of Promise

The singer is known for kind acts and in his documentary 3D film, Justin Bieber: Never Say Never there was plenty of evidence of that, giving tickets out to fans and treating them respectfully and with gratitude. On his 17th birthday he asked anyone wishing to mark it to contribute to the cause My Charity: Water. As of this writing over 2,000 fans have donated almost $50,000 to contribute to clean drinking water around the world.

Another favorite Bieber cause is the Pencils for Promise (POP) foundation that raises funds to help build schools and create other educational opportunities around the world. The POP foundation was created and is run by Adam Braun, the brother of Scooter Braun, Bieber’s manager.

Bieber is on record as saying that together young people have the power to create positive change in the world and that he believes they should all be doing what they can to help others who may need it. Even, it seems, if that includes footwear. If the shoe fits…then why not?