6 Secret Tips from Seasoned Pilots on how you can beat jet lag

jet lag

You just started working for American Airlines as an air-hostess and you just arrived in London after a grueling 7 hour shift from Miami to London, you’re meant to be ecstatic about landing in London for the first time. However, Jet lag is cramping your enthusiasm!

Here are 6 Secret Tips from seasoned Pilots on how you can beat jet lag when arriving at your dream destinations.

Tip 1: Get some sunshinesunshine

Even if its 1am on your body’s clock, get outside and let your body know it’s still day time. Sunshine will help you reset your body clock by keeping you awake. The worst thing you could possibly do is go into the hotel room and get some sleep. You’ll only delay the process further.


Tip 2: Stick to Normal Meal Times

Keep track of the time at the destination will be flying to, as soon as you’re in the air only eat meals based on normal meal timings at your destination. Eating is your body’s way of getting into a natural cycle. This may be difficult at first but it’s important to force yourself.

Tip 3: Get an Eye Mask

Most U.S to U.K flights land in the morning, the best way to jet lag on a flight like this is to get as much sleep as you can. An eye mask can help you sleep drastically. As a flight attendant you don’t get much sleep as it is, so on your down time make sure if have something to block out the light.

Tip 4: Butter Combined with Coffee

“Eeew, why would you mix butter and coffee?”  I know it sounds insane but Pilots swear by it. Apparently a good mix of strong coffee and butter when arriving at your destination is enough to keep anyone away all day, no matter how much sleep you have missed. We did the research and it turns out Butter combined with coffee is a thing. It’s becoming ever more popular for its health benefits DAILY and is known as a “brain enhancing cocktail”. Sounds legit to me, why not give it a try?


Tip 5: Hair Extensions Of Course

Do you ever feel how you look? Long flights are never good for your hairdo. As flight attendants we are always on the go and at the same time we are always expected to look out best. Hair extensions are used by female pilots and the reason is simple, once you reach your destination you do not have to worry about how your hair looks. Get hair extensions, once you land you can have your shot of Butter Combined with Coffee and be on the go straight away, without having to worry about how your hair looks.

Tip 6: Jump into the Gym

As soon as you arrive at your hotel to drop your bags, jump into your gym clothes and sprint for the gym. A mere 20 mins of light exercise enough to get your endorphin’s going. Endorphin’s will give you back some “feel good” energy and will help you to push through your day.

And there we are, 6 Tips that will help you kick jet lags butt! Next time you land a job to your dream destination make sure you follow these secret tips, you will not regret it. Have fun ladies:P

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