Interview with Professional Braider Karen Ribble: ‘Braided Image’ Renaissance Faire Artist Talks Hair Braiding

Sarah Tennant: So, how exactly did you get into braiding? Karen Ribble: I learned to braid from my mother and her mother: my maternal grandmother. I do have a funny story about that. My grandmother did all sorts of hand sewing work and crochet. She tried to teach my mother these arts but my grandmother […]

4 Gift Ideas for Your Pets

Pets like dogs, cats, parrots and others play an important love in our lives. In this bustling city life sometimes we don’t even get time to express our love to our family and they get angry. Although, this little friend is always waiting for you at home and never let you feel alone. All it […]

Fibro Cream that Works

Everyone who suffers from chronic pain will surely agree that experiencing so much pain can diminish one’s lifestyle, as the pain can become so intense that nothing you do seems to be helping. Finally, a natural pain relief solution has been formulated to help all chronic pain sufferers. A pain relief solution that is very […]

Top 15 Travel Tips

  If you are considering making Kwazulu Natal as your holiday destination you are definitely making the right choice. Kwazulu Natal is one of South Africa’s most diverse as well as most popular travel destinations. Kwazulu Natal offers holidays makers blissful sub-tropical weather all year round. With hot summers and mild winters, in short you […]