Hair Extensions…

For Pilots and Flight Attendants

Hair extensions can be a god send to our community as we are always cramped for time, simply put we don’t have time to fix our hair or to be bothered about looking glamorous, yet its our job to maintain our appearance even after hours and hours of flying.

Hair Extensions

Welcome to Pool Aviation. We teach our fellow female Pilots and Flight attendants how to look and feel glamorous high in the sky at all times when it matters most.

Keeping great locks with hair extensions is the best way you can keep your appearance glamorous. You may be wondering which ones though? there are so many to choose from.

Clip in Hair Ladies?

Clip in hair extensions are by far the most preferred Hair types for ladies taking on the mile high job. Its quick, its easy and it causes absolutely no damage to your natural hair. Another plus about using clip in hair extensions is that you can remove them straight away. If you grow tired of having them in your hair, full them out and start working on your Natural hair almost immediately. Read more about how to apply Clip in hair here.

Brazilian Hair Extensions If youre feeling a bit more Exotic

Brazilian hair is not a good option if youre looking for flexibility. Unlike clip in hair extensions, Brazilian hair needs to be installed and once removed, it cant be reinstalled with ease. Opt in for Brazilian type extensions if you are looking to keep the hair in for a long time. Once of the positives things about Brazilian hair is that it’s much cheaper to buy, in fact to get that full head of hair look it only costs about 50% of what you would pay for clip in hair extensions.

brazilian hair extensions


Lace Wigs Hair Extensions

Lace wigs are by far the quickest method for keeping your locks perfect. Simply tie your hair up and throw a wig over it, and its done! Down fall is that you sacrifice that natural look. Clip in hair and Brazilian hair are woven into your natural hair unlike lace wigs which are designed to cover your whole head.

Whichever you choose is down to personal preference, its up to you to experiment. My biggest tip is to just have fun with it:)